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1) Timothy Baptista 10 weeks ago
Here is my unbiased experience taking my vehicle to Anointed Transmission. I had called four other shops in the area, with varying levels of customer service, before talking to Anointed. Only one other shop matched Anointed’s professionalism over the phone, yet didn’t get back to me for three days. The other shops seemed either unknowledgeable, disinterested, rude, un-genuine, overly-expensive, or a combination of such. Daniel at Anointed Transmission answered the phone immediately, was calm, collected, articulate, and knowledgeable(I tested him with questions about my transmission while I had it open in front of me). He seemed genuinely friendly and willing to work with me. His shop’s services were also priced well and they were available immediately. I had my truck towed to the shop and went over the paperwork in the office. Daniel took the time to go over the work-order in great detail, making sure I understood each clause of the contract before signing. I have never seen another shop conduct business with such transparency. It took less than a week to have my transmission rebuilt, with regular contact with Daniel throughout the whole process. He even saved my old parts to show me exactly what went wrong in my transmission and explained why it failed. It’s been over two months now and my transmission is still running smooth. Daniel is a genuinely good person and his shop does top-quality work. I’m mechanically inclined and usually do all of my own vehicle work; I never trust shops and hate taking my vehicles in. I’m so glad I discovered Anointed Transmission. I have finally found a genuine mechanic that I can trust to work on my vehicles when I can’t solve something myself. Thanks guys, I really appreciate it!

2) Hannah Bombasi 17 weeks ago
What a great business to deal with. I have never dealt with a business with more integrity. I would send anyone to this shop!

3) Haley Scheer 17 weeks ago
Owner is VERY honest, didn’t try to scam or overcharge me (I’m a college student with no car knowledge) and explained everything that was wrong with my car, and even showed me what they fixed once it was all done. He always answered and gave me updates on when parts arrived, and was overall very kind. Would highly reccomend!

4) Aemee Rodriguez 19 weeks ago
Excellent service, very professional in his work and always speaks to you clearly. 100% satified. Thank you Daniel. God bless you !!!

5) Cindy Curtis 23 weeks ago
I was really stressed about my car , my TCU went out I replaced that then my speed sensor went..ugh ! Daniel and his staff very professional I’m so happy !!😊with the outcome 😊😊 I will definitely come back ! Thank you

6) Chris Brown 24 weeks ago
Had my 2003 Nissan Rogue CVT Trans replaced. Daniel made sure all of my questions were answered and I was 100% satisfied.

7) David Harris 26 weeks ago
Daniel at anointed transmission is good at what he does, he is also professional. He is also open and up front about all possibies of what could go wrong during the disasymbly of the transmission and I like that he does a detailed contract when the customers signature and his so that both can have a record of what's agreed on.

8) Lindjee Noziere 47 weeks ago
As a woman who doesn't know much about cars (cliché), its really hard to find honest mechanics who aren't only looking to make money. This guy was truly amazing. I literally picked up my car today and although it took more money and a little longer than I expected, I am still a happy customer because he wasn't just trying to rush the job and make money. He took care of my Jeep Wrangler, he was honest, professional and he communicated with me throughout the entire process. Happy customer 😊 Will be recommending people. P.s: I really hope I don't have transmission issues for years to come, I'll keep you guys updated and change my review if need be.